Magnesium is vitally important to over 300 processes in our bodies, but very few of us get enough of it. Even those of us with an excellent, nutrient-dense diet are probably not getting enough magnesium.

The problem is that our soil is horribly depleted. When a food says that it contains x amount of magnesium, that can be very misleading. In optimal growing conditions and magnesium-rich soil, it might be an accurate number, but that is seldom the situation. On top of a lack of magnesium in the diet, many prescription drugs can actually deplete magnesium. When we’re stressed, we burn through magnesium at an accelerated rate.

Magnesium is needed for so many things, including restful sleep, digestion of food, heart health, fertility, strong bones, energy and so much more.

My own interest in magnesium began when it almost instantly relieved the muscle cramps I was experiencing the evening after a long training session. That discovery was soon followed by the discovery that Magnesium aids muscle relaxation. The reason this was important for me, and many of my clients is, I would wake up in pain, stiff and sore, not from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), but from muscles spasming and seizing up in the night. A lot of people (eventually) get to sleep at night, but not many actually “rest”, allowing their body to recover from the day, and repair itself, so it also helps you get a good nights sleep, which will work wonders for your mood.

Now that you know why I am so thrilled about this humble little mineral, let me share my favorite way of getting plenty of it. First off, I have taken magnesium supplements and I still do, ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium), is a common supplement amongst the training community. But, to absorb it more quickly and efficiently, I use something called magnesium oil.

No, it’s not actually an oil, it’s just magnesium chloride and water. It is called an “oil” because it has an oily feel to it. You can just rub or spray on a bit of this magnesium oil every day. Or add some magnesium flakes to a bowl of warm water and Himalayan pink salt, and soak your feet for 20-30 minutes.