A truly personalised, exercise prescription tailored to your body, your life and current fitness levels. I operate a strictly no gimmicks or fads policy. I’ll teach you how to train at the right intensity, with maximum efficiency and on a consistent basis to enable weight loss and fitness.

I operate out of Fitness First Gym, Hammersmith. If you are a member there, great we can get to work in familiar surroundings.

If you aren’t a member then there are some fantastic membership packages available, making it well worth joining so that you can benefit from my expertise, experience and the range of facilities on offer at the gym.


Training Points

  • First Consult Free (free no obligation)
  • You get a personalised plan
  • You get a personal trainer who is the perfect fit for you
  • You agree to x sessions a month
  • I measure your goals against your current fitness levels
  • I’ll work with you at the right speed for your fitness

My Promise

I promise to help you reach your goals as soon as physically possible, in a safe way.

I will always work with you and listen to you to provide the programme that is right for you to reach your targets.

Your Outcome

You get out what you put in, stick with us for the full training course and we’ll get you where you need to be.

I will continue to challenge you, so if we can see a programme is getting a bit easy for you we will adapt it to push you further, there’s no coasting at Evolve Fitness Training!